Aluminum Loading Ramps

Aluminum Loading Ramps

One of the key responsibilities for any business owner is to ensure that all staff in the workplace enjoy the best protection from accidental injury. By providing the proper safety equipment wherever it is required, the chance of any member of the workforce falling victim to an industrial accident can be minimized.

Depending on the exact nature of your business, the safety equipment required for the optimum protection of staff will differ, and there is no one size fits all solution to creating a secure environment for your workforce. Precautionary measures that prevent people getting too close to machinery, combined with a safety conscious mindset will reduce the incidence of industrial accidents, and as a result reduce unwanted workplace costs to cover compensating employees who get injured.

If you need to provide easy access to trucks in a location where there is no permanent access or dock available, then aluminum loading ramps are the perfect solution. Hardwearing, sturdy, and completely reliable when locked in place, they will enable staff to load and unload the cargo.

Over the past few years, employers have placed increased emphasis on ensuring that all areas of their workplace are as safe and secure as possible to reduce the risk of employee injury. One area where it has traditionally been difficult to protect staff has been the loading bay. Even with a dock in place, it is all too easy for carelessness to lead to accidents where articles are damaged and staff injured needlessly.

By using an aluminum loading ramp for staff to guarantee ease of access to trucks, the risk of falling is significantly reduced. The latest vehicle access ramps are designed with safety and security in mind, and possess a number of innovative features that prevent accidents.

The most obvious safety feature of these ramps is a 1 ½ inch curb that runs up either side of the walkway, and prevents pallet trucks and carts from rolling off the side of the ramp when it is in use. It is a simple and elegant solution that significantly reduces risk. Another area where the latest aluminum loading ramps offer major improvements over any alternative is in the fact that they come complete with a set of sturdy chains that hook into place and prevent the ramp from sliding loose when in use.

Unlike competing products, the aluminum loading ramps offered for sale by some companies are easy to move around, and can be put in place by a single person. Rather than having to lug the heavy and unwieldy ramps into place and secure them, these modern ramps come with the option of different carts to get them into the right place quickly.

You can choose an aluminum loading ramp with either a simple lightweight card that locks into place on the bottom of the ramp and allows for the unit to be wheeled into place quickly by hand, or opt for an adjustable wheel system that can be set at the optimum height using a hand crank. Both options make getting the ramp into position a great deal simpler than any alternative method, and increase the safety of the units in use by locking when in place to prevent unwanted movement.

Thanks to the use of only the highest quality materials in the construction of these lightweight but strong loading ramps, they can support heavy weights up to 2,000 pounds depending on the model. With a variety of lengths available from 6 feet up to 16 feet, and a width of either 28 inches or 38 inches, these aluminum ramps come ready for use, and can be safely used in order to provide access to trucks up to 64 inches in height.

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