Garman GPS, Navigation Made Easy

Garman GPS, Navigation Made Easy

Garman, established in 1989, has lead the way when it comes to creating the most innovative GPS products. The first Garman GPS unit was geared towards a specialized group of consumers: mariners. The next Garman GPS units created were designed for military use. Then came the GPS unit marketed and designed for ‘average’ consumers: the Forerunner. Worn on the arm, the Forerunner allowed runners to track their progress. Now, Garmin GPS have expanded their market including all sorts of navigational GPS units that can be of interest to anyone interested in any amount of traveling or sports. This article will discuss the types of Garman GPS units currently available.

The first category of Garman GPS products are those designed for use on the road. These products include: automotive GPS units, motorcycle GPS units and traffic receivers. The automotive GPS and motorcycle GPS units work the same way; they are used to help navigate the driver through whatever area they desire to go to. This is done through maps and directions, which are provided right on the Garmin GPS screen. The traffic receiver is an add-on for Garman GPS motorcycle or automotive products. It outputs traffic information onto the screen.

The second category of Garman GPS products are those that Garman categorizes as being for ‘on-the-go’ use. These include: GPS products for mobile phones, laptops, PDAs and Garman GPS personal assistants. The Garmin GPS products designed for mobile phones, laptops or PDAs are basically add-ons that give these devices navigational capabilities. The add-ons for mobile phones or PDAs contain a special suction cup that allows the device to be put on the windshield, to allow for easier use in the car. The Garman GPS personal assistant, on the other hand, is a completely separate device. It offers navigational capabilities along with other features typical to an electronic assistant, such as a calculator, world travel clock and currency converter.

The third category of Garman GPS products are those designed for hiking, hunting and other activities that involve wandering around. The simpler of these units can be described as an electronic compass. The hiker enters in where they want to go, and the unit basically ‘points’ them in the proper direction. The more sophisticated Garman GPS hiking products do this along with providing mapping information. Some also include walkie-talkie features. There is even a unit that allows hunters to track their dogs.

The fourth category of Garman GPS products are those designed for general fitness. For runners, there is the above-mentioned Forerunner, which is basically a Garmin GPS wristwatch. Bicyclers can use The Edge, a Garman GPS product that can attach in the middle of the bicycle’s handlebars. Both the Forerunner and the Edge track how far a person as traveled in addition to other things essential for fitness, such as calories, speed and heart rate.

The fifth category of Garman GPS products are those designed for individuals traveling on or in water. These include Garman GPS chartplotters, marine handhelds, fish finders and radar devices. GPS chartplotters offer navigational information pertinent for marine purposes while Garmin GPS marine handhelds offer this and can be used underwater, (making it useful for divers). Garman GPS fish finders help fisherman locate fish. Finally, Garman GPS radar devices help boaters see how traffic is on the water.

The sixth and last category of Garman GPS products are those designed for use in the air. These devices can be actual cockpits or other types of avionics equipment or portable GPS devices. The portable GPS devices in this category can be used for navigation not only in the air but also at sea or on land.

In conclusion, Garman GPS products allow all kinds of individuals the ability to know exactly where they are going. If one is an owner of any of the products discussed in this article, never again should they have to worry about having to use the term ‘lost.’

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