Tuscany Tours For Any Budget

Tuscany Tours For Any Budget

It can be a tough decision trying to figure out whether you should plan your own Tuscany vacation or book your travel on a planned group tour. There are benefits to each, but in order to hit all of the highlights in a relatively short time, you can’t go wrong with one of the exclusive Tuscany tours.

Where You’re Likely to Visit

A week long tour of Tuscany is likely to explore both the cities and the countryside. That is because Tuscany is well known for both. Many tourists focus their sightseeing to the city because it is easy to get around without renting a car and everything is close to your hotel. They may be timid about driving in a foreign country and getting lost.

Well, there is no worrying about where you’ll go and how to get there when you are part of a tour. Your tour guides and drivers know their way around both the city and the country.

A tour of Tuscany must include visits to the Art museums. Italy is known for its Renaissance art work including the masterpieces of Michelangelo. The city of Siena is home to medieval castles and gothic cathedrals. Many tours opt to stay a few nights in most of these major cities since there is so much to see and do in each.

Wine tasting and Tuscany just seem to go together. That is why a tour of Tuscany is sure to include a visit to the wine country of the Chianti countryside. It is here, after all that the nobility of a time gone by made their summer homes, no doubt to relish in the harvest.

How To Get There and Where to Stay

Tuscany tours may or may not include airfare. That is an important part of figuring out what you can afford. In planning your Tuscany tour, you will most likely be flying into Florence or Rome. You will want to leave plenty of time for air transfers and delays. This may mean getting to Italy a day early and getting a hotel near your departure point for the first night separate of the tour.

Once the tour begins you will most likely travel in air conditioned busses or vans depending on the size of your tour. These will take you to your first destination where you can unpack at your hotel and freshen up before starting the sightseeing part of the tour.

Many people don’t like the rigid schedule of a tour, but today’s tours are more flexible. You will be staying for at least two nights in most locations and free time is built in. If you don’t want to visit a particular site, you can opt out.

Mealtimes may not be as flexible since they are generally scheduled around other stops on your tour. Most tours include breakfast and one main meal including wine at lunch and dinner.

The biggest advantage to Tuscany tours is that you will have no worries about seeing what is really important to see. Your guides will also know the ins and outs of each spot and surely reveal some hidden treasures you may not discover on your own.

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