Tilt Masters Ergonomic Pallet Trucks

Tilt Masters Ergonomic Pallet Trucks

In smaller companies, every dollar counts when it comes to purchasing material handling supplies. In warehouses already at near capacity, where space is often very limited, a tilt master can safely maneuver where a fork truck cannot. Large pallets containing fragile materials can also easily be damaged when using generic pallet jacks that lack the hydraulic lift to properly elevate the supplies and move them from station to station or station to storage. Even more importantly, worker safety can be at risk in cramped quarters where laborers have to manually lift supplies, boxes, crates, and barrels. It is a scientific fact that severe back injuries can result from lifting only 25 pounds. Incorrectly, and the loss of skilled labor and the cost of workman’s compensation is far too much risk to take even for a larger organization. Tilt Masters pallet trucks resolve all of these problems with hydraulic and electrical lifting systems that can safely elevate loads of up to 3 tons to the necessary height and tilt at up to 90° to accommodate dual function as a transportation tool and temporary replacement for a worktable.

There are two series recommended: Manual and Tilt Master Straddle. The manual tilt master pallet truck works much like a pallet jack. It is ideal for lifting and tilting crates, boxes, and pallets with an open bottom. The key difference it offers from a pallet jack is ergonomic engineering that forces the worker to stand in a correct position when loading or unloading product. A person does not have to bend down or reach over to use the equipment, so the risk of shoulder strain or back injury is significantly minimized. The Tilt Master’s forks can be tilted at up to 90°, and it rolls smoothly over a variety of warehouse surfaces on 6 inches by 2 inches polyurethane swivel casters with brake and foot protectors.

The Tilt Master Straddle offers an even higher level of maneuverability and multi-function options. It can actually double as a pallet truck and a portable tilt table. This allows for a single unit to be both a material handling tool and an adjunct, temporary workstation, serving in any number of capacities where either supplies or space are limited. The DC powered lifting mechanism completely eliminates manual exertion and offers the same mechanical convenience of a fork truck. A folding ergonomic handle offers dual steering grips to precisely maneuver the unit down cramped aisles or areas where materials are stacked and people are working. The unit’s thin profile further improves on worker safety by allowing laborers to get as close to the load as possible for greater control. When the unit is stationary, it can be trusted not to move or shift position due to solid floor locks that grip and hold the tilt master in place. The Tilt Master Straddle can be used for any kind of container or pallet, including odd-sized loads and barrels. The 12 Volt DC electric motor contains an on-board battery charger, so when the unit is idle it can be plugged in to renew engine power.

Additional options available for the Tilt Masters include retrofit chutes for TM-series only and power traction drive system for the TMS series. Load capacity for both Tilt Master series ranges from 2,000 pounds to 6,000 pounds. These devices are ideal time savers, as they allow workers to quickly move supplies from point to point without having to wait on fork trucks. This translates to less time standing around and also a reduced risk of injury when people and heavy loading equipment work in too confined a space. Tilt Masters offer a tool that one individual can quickly and easily control without strain or injury with the resulting ability to move over a ton of supplies effortlessly.

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