Security Cameras In Truck Stops Around The United States

Security Cameras In Truck Stops Around The United States

Truck stops all over the United States have security cameras installed all over the parking lots. And there are also security cameras within the store and the restaurant where the truck drivers come in to dine. Many of these truck stops realize that truck drivers pull into these places to sleep and shower among other things. The use of security cameras in these places are more in the area of where the truck drivers actually park their trucks. This might sound like it is a waste of security camera use, that the security cameras should be focused more on say the gas and diesel fuel pumping areas. However, there are security places in these areas also.

The reason for so many security cameras in the areas where the trucks actually park to allow the drivers to sleep, is in all honesty a good one. This is the area of high solicitation believe it or not, and most truck stops do not allow solicitation on the truck stop premises. There is also the high rate of female solicitation to the truck drivers, and this being a growing offense, truck stop owners are trying to take extra measures in order to intervene and have the actual prevention of this occurring on the premises.

Another problem in this area is people coming up to the truck drivers wanting rides to different locations. To some of the truck drivers they don’t like it and consider it harassment, so the next trip through they might not stop at this particular truck stop and this causes the truck stops to lose money as well. While to other truck drivers solicitation and being asked for a ride doesn’t bother them. However, with the use of security cameras and the parking lots being well lit, this problem is ceasing to some point. The security cameras that the truck stops use are in plain view, and on purpose. They want people and drivers to see the security cameras in the attempt to prevent so much solicitation. These security cameras are also designed to withstand the elements of the weather.

In any case, for truck stop owners most will say initially that the security cameras are an asset in the areas of the gas pumps as well as in the store and restaurant itself. But they will also admit that by placing security cameras in the areas where the trucks actually park for drivers to sleep have lowered the act of solicitors and hitch hikers looking for a ride.

Different problems that truck stops have been enduring have slowed if not stopped completely, through the use of more of the security cameras being placed in the positions around the truck stop. Therefore creating a better and safer atmosphere.

More truck drivers are willing to stop to sleep well they feel there is less of a chance of being robbed or having to be hassled by those wanting a ride or for other reasons mentioned in the article, allowing truck stops to make a bigger profit in the end,

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