Car Buying Help: Edmunds And Intellichoice

Car Buying Help: Edmunds And Intellichoice

You need a new car. Maybe you’re in the market for something compact and economical, maybe you want something bigger to accommodate your growing family, or maybe it’s finally time for that luxury sports coupe you’ve always wanted. So where do you start?

The days of wasting time wandering around car lots, hoping the dealers are telling you the truth about whichever model they’re trying to push, are over. Say hello to your two new friends: Edmunds and IntelliChoice. Both companies host websites designed to inform and empower potential car-buyers by providing information from unbiased sources.

IntelliChoice, the younger of the two companies, was founded in 1986 and was acquired by a major targeted media company known as PRIMEDIA, Inc. in 1997. Known for publishing two award winning annuals (The Complete Car Cost Guide ™ and The Complete Small Truck Cost Guide ™) , the company has proven to be a leader in helping consumers determine which cars, SUVs, and light trucks offer the best value. A stamp of approval from IntelliChoice is nothing to scoff at. As a matter of fact, Isuzu’s website proudly boasts that its entire 2006 lineup was recognized by IntelliChoice as among the best in their class—a claim that Isuzu knows will boost interest and sales.

Checking any or all of IntelliChoice’s sites can arm you with the information you need before making a vehicle purchase. Of all the car buying resources on the internet, IntelliChoice is truly one of the most respected sources of automotive information in the United States.

Edmunds Inc. also operates a website, guided by its mission statement: “To empower automotive consumers by providing complete, clear, timely, accurate and unbiased information needed to make informed purchase and ownership decisions.”

As a matter of fact, Edmunds was the first to publish an online automotive resource in 1994. The company itself was founded in 1966 and has continued to grow ever since. Well known and frequently recommended, Edmunds doesn’t mind relying on word of mouth to increase site traffic. With a plethora of information available on the site, Edmunds offers photos, data, reviews, articles, as well as pricing information on every vehicle on the market. As a matter of fact, Forbes ASAP named the site “Best Car Research Site,” and Money rated it one of the “50 Most Useful Financial Websites.” Consumers consistently find it reliable as well, shown by numerous J.D. Powers and Associates studies in which Edmunds was described as “the most useful website.”

With credible, organized information at your finger tips, there’s no need to cross your fingers and hope you’re making the right decision when buying a car, SUV, or truck. The antiquated tradition of roaming around on car lots has been replaced by a flurry of fingers over a keyboard, the legwork already done for you.

So the next time you’re in the market for a new vehicle, don’t forget your two new best friends: Edmunds and IntelliChoice. It’s like having two uncles in the business, only better.

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