New Technoloy In SUVs and Vans Will Save More Lives

New Technoloy In SUVs and Vans Will Save More Lives

Sport utility vehicles (SUVs) and vans may be large and may look powerful. However, some studies have shown that these vehicles that show off and boast of their muscles and great stance are much more likely to rollover than smaller cars. In fact, in the United Kingdom, there have been more than 900 people killed each year along with 12,000 pedestrians and cyclists. The number of those who are injured count to much more.

Now, there has been a new innovation for these mentioned vehicles that would surely save more lives and reduce the number of people and passengers injured. This new technology comes in the form of plastic fronts that are energy absorbing. Concept Mouldings, a leading automotive parts supplier which is based in the United Kingdom, has been the brains behind such an innovation.

One of Europe’s leading vehicle design, development, and certification centers, MIRA, tested the creation done by Concept Mouldings. And according to the results, the new energy absorbing plastic fronts really did reduce the risk of head injuries by over 99 per cent during worst case scenarios. This is very important for head injuries are often inflicted on those who crash or bump their heads in the fronts of the vehicles. In fact, children are the main recipients of such serious injuries which could also lead to their deaths. As per injuries to the abdomen, pelvis, and the upper leg, the energy absorbing plastic fronts also did reduce them greatly.

Ian Finney is the managing director of Concept Mouldings and he further explains that, indeed, such plastic fronts have been one of the most exciting innovations in their line of work. In fact, he also adds, “Our products can be fitted as an aftermarket product by owners of vehicles. We can start saving lives and serious injuries now rather than waiting for a long term legislative process.”

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