Navigating Across America With The Garmin Street Pilot

Navigating Across America With The Garmin Street Pilot

The Garmin Street Pilot has set the standard for automotive GPS navigation. It seems that are more brands of automotive GPS on market than any other type of GPS receiver. Each day a new model is brought on to the market with more high tech features. The new models have voice, blue tooth and XM radio capability. Screens are larger, more vivid and much easier to read in direct sunlight conditions. Garmin has been the leader in GPS technology with an excellent record of durability and reliability. Garmin is the preferred GPS system used by the military.

The Garmin Street Pilot comes in several different models. These include: the c310, (which costs 9), the c330, (which costs 9.99), the c340, (which costs 8.56), the c530, (which costs 8.56), the c550, (which costs 5.70) and the c580, (which costs 2.84). The similarities among all of these models include features typical to most automotive GPS navigators. According to these include: touch screens, colorized graphics, automatic routing, voiced directions, address look-up, 2D and 3D maps and an SD card slot. What are the differences between these various Garmin Street Pilot models? There are not many, but the few that are could be of significant use to the potential automotive GPS customer. An example would be the Garmin Lock anti-theft feature. The more expensive c530, c550 and c580 models contain this feature. Another example are preloaded maps, which are offered on the c530, the c550, the c580, the c340 and the c330. Then there are the high-sensitive receivers, offered only on the c530, the c550 and the c580. Lastly, there is the ability to get on the Internet through MSN. This is only offered on the model c580.

Where is the best place to buy a Garmin Street Pilot? Garmin’s site, offers a list of what stores offer their products. This list contains both brick-and-mortar stores along with online enterprises. If one doesn’t mind buying a used Garmin Street Pilot, there is also the option of purchasing the product from an online auction site. Finally, one can try using This site not only lists price comparisons of different products, but it also provides links to where one can buy them.

For most people the Garmin Street Pilot is the perfect solution for anyone wanting an automotive GPS navigator that is simpler, cheaper and more user-friendly than other automotive GPS navigators on the market. If one does decide to buy a Garmin , they can choose from six different models. Although there are not too many differences in these models, the few differences that do exist are related to the latest technology. When purchasing a Street Pilot, you have several options including:, auction sites and It is really hard to beat the reliability, durability and features of a Garmin Street Pilot automotive GPS.

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