Get Your Next Car at a Police Auction

Get Your Next Car at a Police Auction

There is a whole new way for the average consumer – like you and me – to get a real bargain on a car, truck, or other vehicle; consider getting your next car at a police auction.

In cities and towns all over the country, various police stations hold an auction every year to get rid of the surplus inventory they have been storing in their compound yards all year. Every year, police departments find themselves with an excess number of seized or unclaimed goods, including cars and trucks and even boats. They do use some of the vehicles themselves; that is why you see so many unmarked police cars on the roads these days. But a great number of vehicles are sold to the highest bigger at auction.

Cars, trucks, vans, and boats are not the only items available at bargain prices at police auctions. You can also find smaller items such as jewelry, artwork, furniture, and office equipment and furnishings. When criminal activity takes place, police departments all over the country have the right to seize any property that has been used in the process of illegal activity or has been gained through the use of ill-gotten funds. Most of the time, police officials do just that.

In fact, there is often quite a surplus of items – that is, more than the police station can use – so they will sell a lot of confiscated material at public auction to get rid of the merchandise and make a little extra money for the police coffers.

Although there is a wide variety of good available for ridiculously low prices, by far cars are the most popular things at police auctions very year. You only need to head down to your local automobile dealer to understand why. New, and even used, vehicles are downright expensive when you buy them off the lot, so more and more people are looking for alternative ways to get a decent car at a good price, and one place to turn for your next new car is a police auction.

Generally, there are a wide variety of vehicles you can choose from. You can ordinary-looking sedans like Honda Accords, flashier cars like Corvettes and the like, practical vehicles like Ford or Chevy pickup trucks, or just about any type of vehicle that piques your interest.

Nowadays, there is even an added bonus. Some police auctions will allow online bids, either before the auction begins or with real-time bidding you can do hundreds of miles away in your own living room. That’s right, you don’t even necessarily have to be present to win!

Of course, it can be difficult to know exactly when and where these auctions will take place, but if you prefer not to do the research on your own, there are sites that specialize in finding auctions for you, generally for a minimal annual fee. Signing up with such a service can make your police car auction experience even more successful, as your time is freed up a bit and you still get all the insider know-all to be able to bid your way to owning a great new car.

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