Why the Isuzu I-370 Crew Cab is Perfect for Families

Why the Isuzu I-370 Crew Cab is Perfect for Families

Hold on a second. Did I just suggest a pickup truck is “perfect” for families? Come on. Families need mini-vans and SUVs. Aren’t pickup trucks designed for farmers, construction workers, and young guys who like to go off-roading? Not anymore.

What a lot of people don’t know is that Isuzu’s i-370 Crew Cab has all the functionality of an SUV, plus more child-friendly features than many SUVs, vans, or cars.

Let’s start with safety. The Isuzu i-370 Crew Cab comes standard with all of the safety features needed to keep young children safe. The popular pickup offers child seat lower- and top-tether anchor brackets to safely and easily secure child seats in the rear seat of the cab. The standard model also comes with child-safe rear side door locks to keep children from opening the doors while the vehicle is moving. Remote keyless entry/content theft-deterrent alarm system also comes standard, making entering and exiting the vehicle with children quick and safe. For older children riding in the front seat, there is also the standard automatic front-passenger airbag suppression system.

The Isuzu i-370 Crew Cab fits up to five adults comfortably as well, making it ideal for growing families. The model also comes standard with rubberized front and rear floor mats to protect the interior, and ebony-colored cloth seats that hide stains and clean easily.
The tire pressure monitoring system informs the driver when pressure has suddenly begun to drop in one of the tires, helping to prevent accidents and keep occupants safe. The 3-channel, 4-wheel Anti-lock Brake System and hydraulically assisted rack-and-pinion power steering system also give the driver more control in difficult or changing conditions, which in turn, helps reduce the risk of accidents and injury to passengers.

The i-370 pickup also comes with a full-size spare tire and with Isuzu’s comprehensive 75,000 mile/7-year Roadside Assistance Program, help is on the way with a single phone call should something unexpected happen. The vehicle also comes standard with fog lights and daytime running lights as well as a plethora of additional active and passive safety features.

Next, let’s take a look at hauling. Families haul stuff. It’s unavoidable. Whether it’s a month’s worth of groceries, camping supplies, luggage, or bicycles, families tend to take stuff with them. The i-370 Crew Cab LS offers plenty of hauling space in the cargo bed and if you live in an area where weather conditions are unpredictable, adding a hitch-mounted bike carrier or folding bed cover will keep your cargo safe and dry.

Last, let’s discuss numbers. Most families try to stretch their pennies and Isuzu can help you do that. Named IntelliChoice’s “Smart Choice” for it’s entire 2006 line, recognized for low cost operating and maintenance, and fuel efficiency, Isuzu’s are a good value. And with a sticker price of under ,000 it’s at the top of its class.
So if you’re in the market for the next family vehicle, don’t rule out the Isuzu i-370. With multiple family-friendly features, it’s worth it for mom and dad to take a test drive.

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