Volvo S70 V70 C70 Clubs

Volvo S70 V70 C70 Clubs

The Volvo has become such a popular car that it has gathered quite a following of enthusiasts. Volvo clubs can be found for these cars all across the United States and the world.

Becoming a member of a Volvo club may also have several benefits. They are often able to find unique resources for anything that you need for your Volvo. The goals of the Volvo clubs are to foster maintenance, restoration, safety and driving enjoyment. A Volvo club also provides a car owner with the camaraderie of fellow Volvo owners.

Volvo club members are also able to get unique Volvo offers that the run of the mill car owner doesn’t get. As a club member you can discounts on your next Volvo as well as discounts on Volvo s70 parts and Volvo v70 parts, as well as other models. The savings are passed on to you from a variety of Volvo dealers and shops that are located across the US. You also get the bi-monthly Rolling magazine that keeps you up to date with the world of Volvos.

Clubs allow you to become friends with other Volvo owners as well. National car shows, activities and performance events encourage you to show off your car and meet with other enthusiasts as well. Membership into the club is for a low annual fee and allows you to receive information on all things Volvo.

Volvo clubs also offer a unique opportunity to look back into the history and heritage of Volvo. These cars were first manufactured in 1927. There are several classics that are highly prized, but often shared with club members at cars shows and other Volvo events. These clubs offer members the chance to see these classic cars first hand, many of which look like they just came off the factory floor in Hisingen, Gothenburg, Sweden. The cars would have been used as family to cars to taxi cabs throughout their 90 years of history and heritage. They were also one of the safest cars on the road at that time.

There are currently over 4000 active club members in the United States and Canada. There are even more in 14 other countries around the world. If you are interested in joining a Volvo club in your area, simply visit the Volvo website. They have a listing of every Volvo club in the world.

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