The Toys Of The New Generation: Dangerous Four Wheel Atvs

The Toys Of The New Generation: Dangerous Four Wheel Atvs

Although 4 wheeler atvs are some of the most dangerous vehicles known to man, people are more than ever buying 4 wheelers for kids. Not only do these four wheelers tear up the natural habitat, but they make tremendous noise, disturbing the native wildlife while causing their terrible erosion. Back in the days, young people eroded the soil and basically wrecked things for everyone else trying to enjoy the wilderness. But worst of all, is the danger of the 4 wheelers.

Going four-wheeling in one of those big trucks is a lot safer and it’s both fun and popular to do. Nevertheless, whenever you take something off road and go through the brush and the hills, you’re going to end up with someone getting hurt. Many people go four-wheeling during or after a drinking binge. That means there are a lot of people out there, too drunk to drive, tearing down back roads at breakneck speed. A safer way to go 4 wheeling is using 4×4 trucks, and this is also popular. Still, anything that involves driving trucks around off road for recreation, people will find a way to make dangerous, especially if they are young and stupid. Instead of having to worry about their 4 wheelers rolling over on them, we now have the problem of drunken drivers going in their older brother’s, or father’s pickup trucks at high speeds on the back roads. And more than once, this has had tragic results.

No matter how much fun they seem, people who are aware of how dangerous four-wheel ATVs are still buying them for their children. It seems like they are just asking for trouble by doing that. There are things like movie theaters and great movies to watch, soda shops for a nice afternoon treat, and even music venues that people of all ages can go to. How about enjoying nature by taking a great hike in the woods? There are acres and acres of beautiful wilderness to explore that don’t need to be spoiled by the grumbling whine of an ATV. On an ATV, the nature flashes by so fast you can’t see anything, you can’t hear any birds singing, and you’ve practically scared away all of the fantastic wildlife out there. There need to be some laws protecting kids and the environment from the dangers of ATVs. While they may be of use to someone out there, they aren’t toys and they’re definitely not for kids.

Why, with all of this tragedy, parents would even think of buying their kids 4 wheelers? It just does not make any sense. It is not like there is absolutely nothing to do in town. There are movie theaters, coffee shops, the soda shop, the main drag. There is even an all ages venue that provides rock music for the kids. And that does not even touch on all of the beautiful wilderness that surrounds us. But instead of enjoying that wilderness for its quiet and mystery, the kids just use it to drive their 4 wheelers, making enough noise to wake the devil himself and completely trampling on nature. That is a shame when you realize how much they miss out on hearing over the rumble of their 250cc 4 wheelers engines. There is a whole world passing them by. Parents should save their money and buy their children something safer — like a bicycle or scooter.

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