The Franchise Industry Has Various Types Of Businesses

The Franchise Industry Has Various Types Of Businesses

In this franchise article I am going to analyse the many different types of business that a potential franchisee can buy into. There are franchises to suit all types of budgets and different levels of experience.

Internet Franchises – these usually involve either selling goods, services or advertising on the net. Usually the entry costs for these businesses are low but a huge amount of effort is required to generate targeted traffic to the internet site. People often make the mistake of assuming that less effort is required to grow these opportunities.

Retail Franchises – The entry costs are much higher and overheads are huge. Not only does the franchisee have to pay a high initial fee but they also have to worry about the staff costs, rent and rates. These range from fast food outlets, beauty salons, and laundrettes amongst others.

Service Franchises – These range from providing financial services, coaching and providing business advice. These types of businesses suit people who have extrovert personalities and enjoy meeting new people. The entry costs are lower as are the running costs but a lot of selling is involved.

Van Franchises – these businesses involve carrying stock and distributing to either businesses or people at home. Typically they are designed to be operated by one person but for people who are willing to work hard it is possible to grow into multiple units with employees driving and managing their own vans.

There are as many types of franchises as there are businesses. The franchise model is usually a safer way of starting a business for the first time. Many would be entrepreneurs fail at their first attempt in business when they start on their own. A franchise business can give people the knowledge that is required to run a business and this knowledge can be used successfully in any future business.

As the demographic of the population changes more people than ever are now living longer, healthier and wealthier lives and with the advent of high speed internet access many new franchises are coming on stream. Some of the new opportunities are very good indeed.

Mature franchises are generally safer than new ones but because they have been proven longer are more expensive to purchase and therefore the return on investment can in some cases be lower.

Always make sure you take legal advice before signing the franchise agreement. A good legal document will protect both parties whilst the majority are far too one sided and protect the interests of the franchisor only.

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